Our Story & Beliefs

R_Block was conceived in 2015, a product of the frustrations of a career in recruitment. Luke, one of the founders had become disenchanted with the state of recruitment. Increasing competition for attention and an unmatched supply of talent meant diminishing results for recruiters. This drew most to data abuse tactics of spam, misusing others work identities and falsely phishing for leads. A shift towards platforms empowering workers that started to level the playing field had begun. Luke imagined privacy technology to protect workers data and allow them to own their work identity. An ecosystem in which workers could interact with companies and recruiters fairly was born.

_// Every worker has a right to own their skills and experience data. Nobody should be tied to centralised platforms.

_// No worker should be subject to prejudice over age, gender, birthplace or the university they went to. Workers should be judged on their personal attributes and skills.

_// Workers should be in control of when they interact with companies and recruiters and not be subject to data abuse.

_// As a legal right, every worker should have a platform to access and own their work data and control their professional identity.

_// In a tokenised world everyone should be rewarded for sharing data.

_// Disintermediate for users value but not for disintermediation's sake.

_// Build a network and ecosystem around your community.

“To become the world’s first careers ledger & anonymous hiring network. Empowering workers as the rightful owner & controller of their reference & skills data. Creating an ecosystem without prejudice, one which you're solely judged on proven skills.”

Transparency // Trust // Kaizen // Empower // Integrity
Our Commitments

_// 50% of the founders stake in the company is pledged to charity. This is a legally binding pledge run by Founders Pledge.

_// We are committed to creating a decentralised world, empowering freedom in all forms. 

_// We do not work with partners unless they clearly are positively impacting the world.