• “R_Block is an interesting platform for verifiable claims around work relationships. We'll see in the future how important verifiable CV's & reputations will be. Great use case.”
    — Fabian Vogelsteller, Ethereuem Lead, ER20 Proposer, Mist & Web3js Creator
  • “The R_Block team has developed a classic blockchain protocol that sits firmly in the trust space. Proof of Reference enables a person to have validated proof of work that can be re-used over and over. I’m proud to be part of their project.”
    — Keith Teare, Netnames & Easynet Co-founder
  • "R_Block's approach is refreshing and innovative, which could shape the future of the entire employment industry."
    — Alexandra Kelly, Powerchex Founder, Hireright MD
  • "R_Block is a simple easy to use intuitive piece of software that I foresee completely rejuvenating employee & employer referencing, using intuitive Blockchain technology."
    — Anthony McCabe, GoCardless
Anonymous hiring network

Interact in a network with no prejudice. No longer will central platforms own your skills or experience data. You decide who you share them with and when.

Get paid for your time & data

Workers are empowered. Earn CVTokens for sharing your R_Block profile and interacting with recruiters. Like a LinkedIn inmail fee that's re-routed directly to the worker.

Profile becomes shareable CV

Your R_Block profile will be the last CV you'll ever need. Turn your proven skills & work history into a shareable CV. A trust protocol you own.

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R_Block trust protocol

Prove your work experience & own it in the last CV you'll ever need 

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